Lügle 2009

img_1394These short notes are going purely on memory. After decanting the wine for about three hours, we drank it over dinner and then as an accompaniment to David Attenborough’s latest documentary, Planet Earth II.

Ziereisen, Weissburgunder ‘Lügle’ 2009, Baden
This was the final bottle of two that had been in our cellar since 2011. The first one, opened in early summer 2016, had been corked – much to my chagrin. Thank goodness this one was alright.

Quince and exotic citrus fruits on a fairly rich nose, backed up by a very faint, yet fine hint of wood and a suggestion of banana. Very multifaceted on the palate – a refreshing squeeze of citrus amid more exotic fruit notes such as pineapple. For me, the wood is very discreet but it has a very distinct old-school characteristic that conjures up images in my mind’s eye of the locally produced casks in Hanspeter Ziereisen’s cellar. Enjoyed in a large Burgundy glass, this wine has a medium to full body with complexity and a good backbone of freshness. I think it benefited additionally from the airing in the decanter, too.


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