Simone Adams, Spätburgunder trocken, ‘Kaliber 12’, Rheinhessen

It’s exciting when you get to taste your first wine from a producer of whom you have you have already heard much about. Ingelheim in Rheinhessen is for Pinot Noir a bit like what Westhofen or Dalsheim is for Riesling in the south of Rheinhessen – a legendary wine village forgotten during much of the 20th century, but excelling once again.

Simone Adams, Spätburgunder trocken, ‘Kaliber 12’, Ingelsheim, Rheinhessen
Dark ruby. Pronounced peppery notes, with black cherry and blackcurrant. Certainly more black than red fruit. Dijon clones? Distinctly herbal, stemmy aromas too. Almost reminiscent of eucalyptus – as if there’s also a dash of Shiraz in there.
If anything, the herbal theme intensifies on the palate, almost overwhelmingly so. Slightly drying (but satisfying) tannins, with malt notes, a hint of mint and a medium (+) body. Pure, chalky finish. Very distinguished for an entry-level Pinot.


2 thoughts on “Simone Adams, Spätburgunder trocken, ‘Kaliber 12’, Rheinhessen

  1. Hi Simon, have you tried the Pinots of Saalwächter, another (up and coming) producer in Ingelheim? I was really impressed, particularly by the QPR of the simple “Spätburgunder” (I tasted 2017)


    • Hi Erik, I haven’t tried any of Saalwächter’s wines yet, unfortunately. There is already quite a hype surrounding him, but I guess with good reason. The problem is that some of his wines are almost becoming as elusive as, say, Hofgut Falkenstein from the Mosel. And post-Brexit, getting hold of his wines won’t be getting any easier either. I’ll just have to keep trying!


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