20191204_205213Skin-fermented Gutedel? Oh yes.

Scherer-Zimmer, Gutedel ‘MG’ trocken 2015, Baden
The ‘MG’ stands for Maischegärung, which is German for fermentation on the skins, i.e. the juice was fermented before it was pressed and separated from the grape skins. As with red wine, the grape ‘solids’ are moved up, down and around the fermentation vessel to encourage the extraction of colour and flavour (among other things).

Gold/amber colour. Sherry notes on the nose to begin with. These gradually dissipate to leave caramel, strawberry, apricot and peach – a panoply of aromas, but this is really expressive. Maybe even some lacquer – it’s hard to describe but that’s the best descriptor I can find. Only a very faint hint of wood complementing the Gesamtkunstwerk.

Mild but noticeable phenolics/tannins on the palate. Medium alcohol, acidity and body, but nothing else is ‘medium’. All the above aromas return as intense flavours, complemented by some slightly dried fruit notes, a silky texture and a very long, saline finish. Delicious.

Easily one of the best wines that I have drunk this year. Maybe the best.


You can’t beat a vomiting unicorn.


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