Christopher Michael

20191108_194426-1Pinot Noir from Oregon is a new one for me. Although I have read a lot of good things about the wine scene over there, I hasten to add. Domaine Drouhin and Kelley Fox Wines are names that ring a bell. This random bottle was a good introduction.

Christopher Michael Wines, Pinot Noir 2015, Oregon
An interesting change from most Pinot Noirs I know. Medium ruby with reddish hints. Quite aromatic on the nose, with dominant, pronounced red cherry. There is a slightly confected touch as well, almost reminding me of cherry cola. Spicy cinnamon and some stemmy notes also emerge.

The cherry theme continues on the palate. If anything, it becomes even more intense. I also detect a sprinkling of spice. Medium acidity and medium (-) tannins. Very clean and linear. I don’t detect any secondary flavours. Did they raise the wine in stainless steel? The well-integrated alcohol (13.5%) lends body (medium [+]) and intensity (medium [+]), although the finish is middling. Maybe this is not the most complex of wines, but this is an honest, well-made Pinot with a good, silky, delicious Pinot-like mouthfeel.


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