I ordered some wine from Germany recently. Twenty-four bottles in total. The first time I have ordered in bulk for a long time. Even taking postage and packaging into account, this is a much cheaper option than buying directly here in the UK (see my last post for more details on that).

Unless I am sitting at a wine fest somewhere in the Pfalz, I rarely venture into litre territory. However, I couldn’t resist including a couple of bottles of this bad boy in my order.20170630_072139

Jülg, Riesling trocken (litre) 2015, Pfalz
Incidentally, Jülg are building an excellent reputation for their Pinots Noirs. One of the other wines I ordered was their ‘Spätburgunder Kalkmergel’ – more about that particular wine at a later juncture.

Straw-coloured with an understated nose. Maybe some underripe peaches and a touch of apricot, but nothing that turns this Riesling into a fruit cocktail parody of itself. Much the same on the palate. Clean and fresh, but nothing too biting. In fact, this wine has a calm demeanour and is delicious to drink in large gulps. The finish is ample and almost silky, I would say – something which, in itself, is pretty sensational for a litre offering. I certainly get a sense that Jülg afforded even this wine the requisite time to find its inner balance. Good value.


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