Weiler Schlipf


Back label

This was the red we had at Christmas.

Claus and Johannes Schneider, Weiler Schlipf Spätburgunder CS trocken 2013, Baden
Pale to medium ruby with transluscent edges. Stemmy and slightly minty aromas at first, with warm herbs and spice, followed by a crushed stone note and a hint of red fruit. Over time, the nose becomes finer and more perfumed, showing mainly red fruit (raspberry) underlaid with some slightly dark fruit.

Warmth and concentration on the palate, but with a chalky elegance and coolness of fruit expression acting as a counterpoint. Savoury comfort, complexity and concentration within a medium body. Again, the colour of the fruit is mostly red but some darker elements are also interwoven. Although supple and fine, the tannins remain assertive enough to lend extra background and density, while the acidity provides ample freshness. Overall, it is this contrast between savoury complexity and warmth on the one hand and elegance and freshness on the other which best sums up this wine. The long finish is beautifully balanced between these two characteristics. Some wines can be overly earnest; this one is just relaxed and assured of its own worth. The Schneider ‘style’, which to my mind is very linear, pure and unfettered, very much shines through here. By this, I suppose I mean that the wine, amid its complexity, does not try to be something it isn’t. It’s ‘at ease in its own skin’, as it were. Amen.


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