Random wines, random notes

Proof again that I don’t drink enough (wines from Rheinhessen).

Becker-004Landgraf, Grauer Burgunder trocken 2013, Rheinhessen
A healthy yellow straw colour with a slightly reddish tinge. Smoky on the nose with pear, yellow stone fruit, reddish fruit (strawberry) and roasted hints. All this translates like-for-like onto what is a succulent palate with an excellent vein of acidity. What I like about this wine the most is this refreshing characteristic acting as a counterpoint to some good concentration. Good fun and good for the soul.

And now for somet017hing completely different.

Dr. Loosen, Riesling “Satyricus” 2014, Mosel
Nose: apple, apple, apple, slate.
Palate: slate, slate, apple, apple
Alcohol: 10.5 per cent.


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